These are some of our favorites from among our recent work. As you read this, these tracks are all busy enlivening someone’s game experience – it could be your customers!


Gotta Move!
3.06 MB
Americana Overture
1.24 MB
Bob's Your Uncle
1.81 MB
2.44 MB
841 kB
Tao Feng: Black Mantis Quest: Battle of Zhao Yen*
1.15 MB
Tao Feng: Black Mantis Quest: Finale*
1.64 MB
Tao Feng: Pale Lotus Quest: Finale*
1.65 MB
*-loosely based on a Tao Feng theme by Daniel Myer
Action Hero: Comic Select
468 kB
Ghost Town: Saloon Bonus
413 kB
Space Wars: Droids Bonus
344 kB
The Tomb of Amon Ra: Scarab Bonus
266 kB
Action Hero: Transition to Extreme Action Bonus
318 kB
Othello: Black & White (arr. cg)
1.5 MB
Full of Sheep: Sheepish Shuffle
699 kB
Cat & Mouse
895 kB
Fiesta Time: Waltz
856 kB
Indigo Swing: Georgie's Folly
1.27 MB
Special Forces: Mission #0
595 kB
Special Forces: Next Scene
192 kB
Special Forces: Test #1
471 kB
Special Forces: Test Failed
331 kB
Touchit: Twangrock
1.63 MB